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How-To Match Leather Apple Watch Band Lugs For Red And Blue Models

Most Apple Watch bands coming from Apple as well as 3rd party suppliers often tend to have sterling silver steel lugs. Sadly, they merely do not match the extensive large number of views on hands. While these traditional lugs do normally match sterling silver stainless steel views, various other designs like gold and also area gray often tend to receive left in the dust. Some bands possess matching lugs in those different colors, but it is actually been particularly difficult result bands that match the (Item) red as well as blue Apple Watch Set 6 styles.

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The good news is actually that you can easily indeed alter the lugs on leather Apple Watch bands. Even far better updates, you may purchase red and also blue replacement lugs. Here’s just how to change out the lugs on your Apple Watch bands…

Where To Buy

You can easily find reddish, blue, pink, as well as black lugs throughout the web. Yet the ones I bought were actually coming from For $7.49 you can get 2 lugs as well as a replacement screw resource. You’re gon na need that resource if you want to dissect your Apple Watch band of choice.

Get Rid Of The Existing Lugs

Initial thing’s very first, you’ve come to eliminate your band from your Apple Watch if you are currently wearing it. You’ll notice 2 small screws on the frontal component of each lug that generally gets put and concealed when you put the band on your watch.Make use of the included removal tool and loosen the 2 screws on each lug. There are two rails that you feed your band through as well as the real lug element.

Include Your New Lugs

To add the brand new different colors matching lugs, you need to have to take the lugs apart along with the replacement resource. Fasten the rails to the brand-new lug as well as turn all of them in. You do not desire your watch falling off your hand apple watch series 6 bands!

Voila! You’ve Acquired A Matching Band

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Now you have actually received a custom-made Apple Watch band with lugs that match your watch’s scenario flawlessly. It’s truly a pity that Apple does not sell bands along with matching lugs or maybe their very own replacement lug kits. Despite the fact that it takes a little bit of work to get your leather-made bands matching, it’s entirely worth it. The even more natural appeal is just impressive, specifically on the (Product) reddish Apple Watch.

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